Pulse: New Cultural Registers / Pulso: Nuevos registros culturales
si je meurs/ if I die
Santos y sombras | Saints and Shadows
Auvergne - Toi et Moi
Protegida | Watched Over
La huella de la memoria | The Imprint of Memory
X post facto
encarnado: embodied II
encarnado: embodied
Scheherazade or (Per)forming the Archive
barquitos de papel | paper boats
Documented: The Community Blackboard
Yo Viajo
Pax Tecum Filomena
laberinto projects
Muriel Hasbun and Pablo Ortiz Monasterio
Fulbright Scholar Project
Museums Connect Project
Other Collaborations
ICP “Muriel Hasbun: Tracing Terruño,” 2023
Whitney Museum of American Art, “Trust Me,” 2023.
Whitney Museum of American Art, “Time Management Techniques,”- 2022
HCP - Houston Center for Photography, “Beyond the Record,” 2022
Rutgers University-Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series Galleries 2021
Tufts/UNMAM/DePaul: “Art for the Future" 2022
RoFA Projects 2021- RECORD: Cultural Pulses
Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize Finalist Exhibition-2020
Civilian Art Projects 2016 - Calling to You
American University Museum 2016
Centro Cultural de España 2016 - Vivencias: Legado
Pinta Miami 2016 - Of Fragile Things: Architecture and Desire
CCE 2015 - Legacy and Memory: Mapping the Labyrinth
Smithsonian American Art Museum 2013 - A Democracy of Images
Smithsonian American Art Museum 2013 - Our America
Corcoran Gallery of Art-Gallery 31- Inter Vivos 2013
Maier Museum of Art 2012
Smithsonian American Art Museum 2011 - Close to Home
MAC-McKinney Avenue Contemporary 2010 - Barquitos de papel
Warner Gallery 2009 - Vessels & Vestiges
American University Museum 2008 - Barquitos de papel/ Paper Boats
Centro Cultural de España 2006 - Terruño: detrás del telón
Corcoran Gallery of Art 2004 - Memento: Muriel Hasbun Photographs
Conner Contemporary Art 2003 - Protegida/Watched Over
50th Venice Biennale 2003 - Protegida/Watched Over