Pulse: New Cultural Registers / Pulso: Nuevos registros culturales
si je meurs/ if I die
Santos y sombras | Saints and Shadows
Auvergne - Toi et Moi
Protegida | Watched Over
La huella de la memoria | The Imprint of Memory
X post facto
encarnado: embodied II
encarnado: embodied
Scheherazade or (Per)forming the Archive
barquitos de papel | paper boats
Documented: The Community Blackboard
Yo Viajo
Pax Tecum Filomena
laberinto projects
Muriel Hasbun and Pablo Ortiz Monasterio
Fulbright Scholar Project
Museums Connect Project
Other Collaborations
Whitney Museum of American Art, “Time Management Techniques,”- 2022
Houston Center for Photography, “Beyond the Record,” 2022
Rutgers University-Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series Galleries 2021
TUFTS/UNMAM/DePaul: “Art for the Future" 2022
RoFa Projects 2021- RECORD: Cultural Pulses
Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize Finalist Exhibition-2020
Civilian Art Projects 2016 - Calling to You
American University Museum 2016
Centro Cultural de España 2016 - Vivencias: Legado
Pinta Miami 2016 - Of Fragile Things: Architecture and Desire
CCE 2015 - Legacy and Memory: Mapping the Labyrinth
Smithsonian American Art Museum 2013 - A Democracy of Images
Smithsonian American Art Museum 2013 - Our America
Corcoran Gallery of Art-Gallery 31- Inter Vivos 2013
Maier Museum of Art 2012
Smithsonian American Art Museum 2011 - Close to Home
MAC-McKinney Avenue Contemporary 2010 - Barquitos de papel
Warner Gallery 2009 - Vessels & Vestiges
American University Museum 2008 - Barquitos de papel/ Paper Boats
Centro Cultural de España 2006 - Terruño: detrás del telón
Corcoran Gallery of Art 2004 - Memento: Muriel Hasbun Photographs
Conner Contemporary Art 2003 - Protegida/Watched Over
50th Venice Biennale 2003 - Protegida/Watched Over