Memento: Muriel Hasbun Photographs, 2004.

Essay by Paul Roth.

Work shown: Santos y sombras/ Saints and Shadows, Auvergne: Toi et Moi, Protegida/Watched Over, La huella de la memoria/The Imprint of Memory.


"Elusive, overlapping, faint one moment and sharp the next, Muriel Hasbun's photographs dealing with family, immigration, and exile come close to capturing the quality of memory[...] Hasbun's magically subtle ability to extract beauty and humanity out of violence and alienation was particularly evident here." -Roger Atwood, ARTnews


"Memento: Muriel Hasbun Photographs is an intriguing and beautifully rendered depiction of [Muriel Hasbun's] own memories of her multi-layered background, literally from cultures and traditions not always in synchrony, much less harmony." --Frank Van Riper,

"Two things argue for the soundness of Hasbun's approach. One is the emotional resonance[...]The other is the skill and care with which the multilevel images are chosen, assembled and--both visually and actually-- framed. Nothing is sloppy, random or half-considered[...]" --Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

"[...]a haunting photography exhibit--a dream garden of meditative memories and personal artifacts from Central America, the Middle East and Europe[...]" --Carolyn Cosmos, The Washington Diplomat

"[...]the photographs possess a fleeting REM dream-state quality, where subconscious flashes find a lasting permanence."--Chuck Myers, Knight Ridder Newspapers

"Her imagery is arresting." --Susan Davidson, Washingtonian Magazine

"WETA Best Bet" --Janis Goodman, Around Town

"Weekend's Best Bet" --Michael O'Sullivan, The Washington Post