Vessels & Vestiges

Sept. 5- Oct. 5, 2009

Gallery Talk & Workshop: Sept. 25, 2009.

O'Brien Arts Center, Saint Andrew's School. Middleton, DE.

Works shown: Selections from Santos y sombras/Saints and Shadows, Protegida/Watched Over, and barquitos de papel/paper boats. Special installation of Ixcanal thorns.

Vessels & Vestiges showcased a selection of Muriel Hasbun's photo-based work and interactive installations. Her work explores the relationshiop between the past and the present and lives at th eintersection between personal memory and collective history. During the workshop at St. Andrew's, Fulbright scholar and Corcoran professor Muriel Hasbun engaged the students in a dialogue about their own family history in the greater context of history, and about the role of their own family photographs and documents in the construction of their own narratives. The students contributed to the installation by helping the artist make a large-scale paper boat that becomes both vessel and vestige of their identity.